Ubicación clave para realizar Birdwatching

Key location for Birdwatching

      ⇾Due to the variations in the flow of the river, the mouth is constantly changing.
      ⇾The Gola de Migjorn area is an ancient mouth of the Ebro river that borders the Illa de Buda and ends in a beach.
      ⇾There is a great viewpoint to see the birds of the Alfacada lagoon and the Illa de Buda, which is currently a restricted area.
          15 minutes by car from:
               ➤La Casa del Pas
               ➤El Cor del Delta
               ➤Cal Pablo
          5 minutes by car from:
               ➤Casa Daguet
               ➤Delta Escapada
               ➤Villa San Francisco
               ➤Red San Francisco
               ➤Blue San Francisco